Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thanks you, my fren...kee huat

juz now, few hours ago, i received a call..
"huh? so late oledi who call me?" i whispered.
i pick up the phone and "yi siang" appeared in the screen..
har?yi siang call me? incredibly!!
For instant, i answer the call..

carrie : hello..
xx : wei...(just a second, i know it was kee huat but not yi siang)
carrie : wah..y u call me o? so gud de?
kee huat : u know who m i?
carrie : sure la..u r kee huat mar..
kee huat : hee~~~
carrie : y u call me? anything?
kee huat : no la.. c u gud anot mar..
skip...after borak- borak......
kee huat : u wait ya..
(then, i heard a music from guitar.. its playing a birthday song!!)
after the song finished...
kee huat : happy birthday ya!!
carrie : har?!!who birthday? (panic)
kee huat : u lar..
carrie : today? u sot a?
kee huat : hehehehehehe
finally, i found out tat he juz kidding to me..
so naughty la him!!!

kee huat.....
he was my best fren who always care for me..
he helped me alot in my studies and everything..
sometimes, he'll gv me some surprise like today..
i still remembered, last time, wen my birthday, he oso play me a birthday song by using guitar..
(of coz not he play the guitar..i bet he dunno play guitar..)
ei..ei...forget mention tat not juz him, yi siang and eng hee oso join him to wished me..hee~~
i felt touch in tat moment!!!
remembered tat tears rolling in my eyes..
my heart full of warmest!
glad to have a best fren like him..
hope our friendship will last forever...

" Thankss you, kee huat......."

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

sleepless night!!

I hunted frantically for my clock. Yikes! I'd really overslept !
I sprinted to the bathroom...
today have a date wif frens and gonna wake up early..
what can i do?
i have a sleepless night yesterday!!!!!
suffer from it..
i'm remembered tat yesterday i went bed early, erm..12 a.m sth..
but after me lied on the bed,
my mind start flies....
cant really remember what i was thought..
in tat time, i'm like a castaway washed on to some far distance shore..
so helpless..
took my fon, wanna call my bf,
but he was slept, so duwan to disturb his sweet dreams..
wanna find frens sms, but they all have class tmr, not gud to disturb them..
so how?
wat can i do?
i went to refrigerator and hv a glass of milk..
ppl said "hot" milk can make ppl asleep..
i not work for me..( mayb its bcoz not a hot milk..)
aftertat opened computer..
c anyfrens on9..
juz a few..
i started chat wif meow..
after half an hour, i took a look to the clock,
oledi 3.30 a.m...(mayb for some of u its still d early)
quickily turn off my computer and went back to my bed..
hope this time can fall asleep..
i tried many ways to let myself fall asleep..
like listened back to own breath voice(snore)....
but all not worked at all!!!
felt anxious tat time..
thinking in heart tat i just left few hours to sleep!
worrry cant wake up next day..
thinking n thinking.......................
finally i fall asleep!!!
but its oledi 5 a.m sth...
the conclusion is, suffer from insomnia( sleepless night) was genuinely terrible..
because v cant do helpless tat time..
all the family members and frens were slept..
nobody can help u..
dunno wat to do..
dunno wat time will alseep oso..
n worry bout whether can wake up in the next day..
no more again!!!!!!!

p/s : do u have any ideas for me to face tis problem in future?
or do u have any solutions?

Monday, July 16, 2007


我不确定, 不过我现在却突然很想每当不开心的时候,
毫无约束地, 尽情地............
一旦不开心时, 不要对着家人或朋友乱发脾气 ,
如果有烦恼时,更不要把自己关在房间, 用脑子里一直想 : " 为什么会酱"," 如果.....就好"